If you have lost a precious pet,
I would be happy to create a special memorial for you . Working from photographs I can include all your pets unique characteristics and markings to help capture his/her likeness in a soft fur sculpture. Pets ashes, a lock of hair or a favourite toy can also be placed inside the soft sculpture. All of the animals I make have a one piece body over a wired skeletal frame, enabling them to hold many different poses. Each one has hand painted glass eyes and a detailed sculpted clay nose.

 My aim is always to make the sculptures as realistic as I possibly can, so many hours go into bringing each one to life . Every design is totally unique and truly one of a kind. 

As well as owning many different dog/cat breeds over the years I have also worked as a dog groomer, and have a great love for our four legged friends. Having lost my own best friends over the years and knowing how heart breaking it is, I find working on memorial pets by far the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of my work. 
 Prices start from £695 for smaller animals and increase depending on size and extra details. Please email me for more details.